Most people have a favourite time of year. While there’s something to love about every season, especially in PEI, I can really single out winter as one of the best! Let me see if I can convince you.


The Simple Pleasures
Let’s start slowly, take a look outside! During the winter months, the sunrises are unbelievable. The reflection of the sun on a frigid cold morning reflecting of the fresh white snow is beautiful.
If you wake up early enough, these sunrises are breathtaking, and are something you should take advantage of during winter. It’s good for the soul ♥ 




There’s no better time to take layering to the next level: in winter, you can basically wear all of your clothes at once, wrap yourself in comfy scarves, and show off your fuzzy slippers.

Winter is the season for boots that let you pretend you’re walking on clouds, jackets that feel like sleeping bags, and hats that cover up a bad hair day in the coolest way possible.



Ok, so we are no Mont Tremblant but there’s always excitement in our house for ski season. Our local Mark Arendz Provincial Ski Park (aka Brookvale) is so safe, well organized and it offers a great freedom for my teens to spend time outside with their friends all winter long!

Season passes are very affordable and they are always a must buy as Christmas gifts for our kids.

There are also lessons available for beginners and in preparation for the 2023 Winter Games the chalet has been extended and updated as have the slopes!

Passes are available to purchase online HERE



A white Canadian Christmas is something I dreamed of growing up in dull and rainy England, where rubber boots don’t hold the same stylish standing as a pair of Mukluks. Everyone looks cute in Mukluks!

Christmas is never the same without a sprinkling of that white stuff that makes everything that little more sparkly and magical.



Comfort Food

Heavy wintery food is basically mandatory. You can enjoy a hot chocolate, put marshmallows in it, and top it off with whip cream just because it’s winter.

Fill your stomach with warm soups, stews, and sugar cookies made with cinnamon. Winter has defined comfort food and when has comfort food ever been a bad thing? Errr, Never!


Snow Days

There is nothing like an impromptu day off with the kids.

Snow days can be completely disruptive to work and school schedules but there is nothing more precious than a movie day spent in PJ’s, building snow forts or pond skating rather that the structured life of work and school.

Memories are made on days like this, cherish them.



Enjoy the Holiday Decorations

You may not celebrate Christmas, but you can still appreciate all the beautiful holiday decorations displayed each winter. The more elaborate the better, as you and your family drive around town to admire all the Christmas lights when winter nights are long and cold, Christmas decorations add brightness and cheer.

Take a walk in downtown Charlottetown one night during, sip warming beverages by the fire pits at John Browns Grill and enjoy the holiday markets of Queen Street and window displays which pop up throughout the season.

Never forget to pay a visit to North Rustico for the best light display. James Gallant’s light show has been one of the most popular attractions of the holiday season for nearly 30 years.

Lots of other light shows have popped up over the years but North Rustico, by far, still has to be my personal favourite.

James Gallant’s show runs from 5-11 p.m. every night until New Year’s Day and donations are being accepted at the display for the Children’s Wish Foundation.



As a hard core hockey Mum I had to include this one. Winters really never seem that long to me because I spend most of my time at the rink and fellow hockey Mums and Dads suddenly become family.

We have some great minor hockey in PEI and its always wonderful to check out a local game. So, turn off Sportsnet, you don’t need the NHL when you can enjoy some of our island youth playing the sport they love. Added bonus… 50/50 and entrance fees support local sport plus there’s nothing more haute cuisine than rink fries and gravy. Whats not to love?

Check out for schedules for minor hockey and if Junior A or QMJHL is your thing, we have the Summerside Capitals and the Islanders. Hockey for days!!!


Christmas Markets

Christmas Markets are a great way to support local and our small island has an abundance of them. You don’t have to wait until December either. These markets start popping up in November. Shop early and shop local.

Here’s a link to some wonderful Christmas markets and events coming up. Mark your diaries!

Christmas Markets


Holiday Parties

Winter ushers in several holidays, including Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and the New Year.Family gatherings and holiday parties are a big part of the season.

We wear our holiday sweaters, enjoy special foods and follow special holiday traditions. Some family traditions involve helping others.

During the holidays, many organizations hold collections for warm clothes or food for homeless shelters.

You can volunteer to sing carols or do crafts with nursing home residents or serve meals at a community outreach centre.

Consider reaching out to local charities who support communities throughout Christmas (and the year through). The Upper Room Food Bank and Santa’s Angels, just to name two. You’ll likely find that doing something thoughtful for someone else can go a long way to warm your heart.


Sleigh Rides ♥

Winter in PEI is not complete without a sleigh ride. There’s plenty of options out there too, just remember to book early!

Great Northern Adventures and Potts Sleigh Rides are the two my family has enjoyed over the years.

Check out the links to their web links here – Great Northern Adventures | Potts Sleigh Rides


As you can see, winter has its fair share of good times and magical moments. After enjoying the holiday festivities and fun with family and friends, you may just have to agree, that, despite the 6 months of snow, winter in PEI is that winter truly is the best, most magical season!

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