Impress Island Realty is now 2 months old. And like a new parent, this is an exciting but daunting journey for me. Void of ‘how to’ manuals and guidance, but I’m enjoying this experience of new procedures and business development.

Although I am still very much in the glow of this honeymoon phase and enjoying every minute of all the newness and fun, I look forward to the undoubtable challenges that I will face over time.

Impress Island Realty is small and I’m proud to declare that I am happy to continue as I have started. Our business, the business of Real Estate seems to be driven by a desire to be the biggest. The biggest office, the biggest name!

Ultimately, service is the nature of our business, it is what we do. You can serve your clients from a small office or large – its the effort and attention to detail you put into the service you offer and results you produce that counts.

A large office environment is a great force for those who need an environment to enable them to focus. As independent business people we have to be extremely self-motivated and some of us require a large environment to forge alliances and partake in office chatter and sales banter. I’ve never needed it – I’ve always found my best self in my solitude. These past two months I have found great inspiration from being on my own, going back to old, but effective, routines and methods I simply wasn’t prepared to share with others – it’s been so liberating for me and I certainly feel on the right path.

So, with these two months under my belt, I wanted to elaborate on our choice of name and the meaning behind our logo. It’s far more in depth than the black and green house logo and it is important to explain so you can understand the motivation and inspiration for my company.

This brokerage, surprisingly for many, has actually been in the making for over 5 years. The first logo, designed by Stephen Thompson from Stratford taking the form of a lighthouse with the company name being IMPRESSIVE REALTY.

We felt the word IMPRESSIVE would indicate that we only dealt with a certain end of the market, the more exclusive luxury homes. I enjoy all areas of the real estate business and didn’t want our name to alienate certain areas of the market.  My specialization is first time buyers and the family market and we wanted a name to signify an impressive service and impressive representation. We are here to IMPRESS and work towards offering our clients more than the status quo.

The MPRESS part is pretty self explanatory, being my name Melanie Press, but the ‘I’ wasn’t simply added to make the name make sense, the ‘I’ is for my Dad, Ian. My Dad would often encourage me to consider going alone and for many years, like many agents, making that jump was damn scary. His death taught me to be braver. Not to be afraid to stand out. To follow dreams and ambitions and never be afraid to fail.

I think it is quite fitting that he would be a part of the dream he had encouraged and envisioned for me. This is where the simple IMPRESS Island Realty came into play.

So with the help of friend and client Robert Norton, we focused on a new logo design. Something more contemporary, yet striking. This logo, like our name is full of meaning. The four points represent a compass, in recognition of our maritime location and history but also the four parts of the island. Up West, Down East, the North Shore and the South Shore. The compass also represents our commitment to guiding you home ♥

Our office, or as we call it, our Client Hub is all furnished and ready for business. I viewed many office spaces in Charlottetown and toyed with the idea of where to have my office. The fact is, our local island real estate market doesn’t start and end in Charlottetown.

In the end we settled in Cornwall. This thriving family friendly town is nestled in the centre of some the islands most idyllic rural villages right in the heart of Prince Edward Island. We are located in the centre of Cornwall on Main Street in a busy strip mall with easy access to delicious Robins Coffee and local businesses. We wanted an intimate and welcoming open office with a busy traffic location and adequate parking within a local community – as Cornwall is my local community, it seemed fitting that I plant roots here.

Our office is manned from 8.30am – 2.30pm on Monday – Friday. We do advise that you send us a message at or give us a call on 902 394 7071 to ensure we are here to welcome you and give you the time you need for your real estate questions.

A little Island fun fact for you… Did you know that small independent brokerages out number the big corporate companies 2:1 here in PEI!

I encourage you to give one of the small guys a chance to help and support you with your real estate journey, whether buying or selling – There’s nothing the ‘big boys’ can do that we can’t! #smallandmighty

If you need more information on any listing in Prince Edward Island, are looking for full representation for your home sale or purchase, would like some information on the role of a Realtor® or real estate as a career, our Giving Back Program, or simply want to chat about our business and our place in the local business community, pop in and see us!

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Logo Credit: Norton Arts

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