THE LADY BALL has become a fixture in many communities across Canada. This event makes a return to Charlottetown on May 30th 2024 at the PEI Brewing Company.


This is the 3rd year Impress Island Realty will be sponsoring the Lady Ball, in support of the fundraising and awareneness efforts of Ovarian Cancer Canada.


Both Broker, Melanie Press in 2019 (pre-covid) and Realtor® Ashley Feschuk in 2023 have taken part on this event as role models, and this year, on May 30th, another Impress Lady, Mikki Armstrong will taking to the runway to strut her stuff!

This is such an important event which brings to gather women from all over Prince Edward Island.


We want to share with you Mikki’s bio and why this opportunity is so important for her.


If you would like to attend…WHICH YOU REALLY SHOULD, tickets can be purchased through the link logo at the end of this blog

“My name is Mikki Leigh-Anne Armstrong.  

I am a former paramedic, currently working at Impress Island Realty with an amazing group of women. I’m training to be a Real Estate Agent under the mentorship of my Broker. I also work as server, and am the lead singer in an Island band called, Crimson Clay.

Parenting two children has been one of the most challenging and terrifying but also rewarding, comedic, and awe inspiring choices that I have made.  They are my life’s best work, and I am very proud to be part of theirs.  Raeden (16) and Maggie (8). Everyday, I am grateful for the title of mother, and the plethora of lessons that I have ahead. I like to think that I am doing a decent job of not getting in the way of the wonderful humans they already are. There’s nothing that I value more than being their mom, and there’s nothing that has been more intimidating.  

My most valuable and useful quality has been my ability to adapt to and accept change. I have been able to overcome obstacles while staying in a growth mindset. By allowing the possibility of improvement, I also allow the added risk of challenges.  I try to be patient with myself when it doesn’t go perfectly.  I strongly believe in the power of showing compassion and kindness to ourselves and others, even in a difficult time or situation. I also like to think that I have a great sense of humour.  Sometimes it pays off for me… and sometimes I appreciate how tolerant others can be. 

I chose to participate in this event because I believe in taking the opportunities that are presented, and that something beautiful will often result. I strongly believe in celebrating and advocating for the female experience in its many different forms and when women come together incredible things happen.

Cancer hits close to home for so many humans, including myself.  I am grateful for the opportunity to challenge myself, and am humbled and honoured for the opportunity to be involved in such a beautiful event. 

I would tell my younger self a few important things. That I have worth. That my worth is innate and incomparable to anyone else. 

I would tell myself that boundaries are a thing, that they are quite important… and that I should use them. 

To follow my intuition about what feels good and right regardless of what that looks like… but the perm you will want during your senior year of high school is not a good idea… and you will regret looking at the pictures”.


It all begins and ends in your mind.  What you give power to, has power over you, if you allow it
– Author unknown


Photo Source: Realtors® own and Ovarian Cancer Canada

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