The past few weeks have changed the lives of everyone, entirely.  For many of us concerns about our health and that of our loved ones, as well as our financial security are constantly on our minds.

For many of us our life roles have changed. Some of us have become teachers to our children, caregivers for loved ones. Some of us have been sick or have had to become a nurse to sick family members.

The majority of us are stuck at home doing our part to stop the spread. Some have been laid off, had to close businesses. Some are considered essential workers and still have to go to work and keep vital services, goods and resources flowing to those that need them most.

Some of us are healthcare professionals, from Doctors to Nurses, Paramedics to Counsellors, Care Workers to Medical Administrators, all of whom are risking their own health and spending time away from family to work for the wellbeing of others under extreme circumstances and under extreme pressures.

You may or may not be aware that the Real Estate Industry in the Province of PEI is considered an essential service. What this means is that we are being allowed to continue to operate, under strict guidelines in order to provide a much-needed service.

However, this does not mean business as usual!  As a professional business community, we have undertaken extensive measures and precautions including closing our offices to the public, stopping all open houses, stopping in-person meetings and stopping all non-essential appointments.

Even in the most difficult times, people still need to find a home, people still need to move and we are having to adapt to offer our services to those who consider a move at this time ESSENTIAL.

We have incredible technology that can help us help our clients who still need to buy or sell, but the core part of our business, the most important part, is in the homes of our clients, chatting at the kitchen table over coffee. For now, this personal interaction is on hold, but, like all clouds, this virus will lift and we can all start to rebuild and reconnect.

To all my clients, I want you to know that I’m here to help in any way to support you all through this challenging time. The one thing we all have in common is we are dealing with the same virus, the same threat.

If you have questions about what to expect, are concerned about your options for an upcoming move that you and your family has to make, your options to defer mortgage payments, what the real estate market is doing and predictions for the market once this is all over, or if you just need to talk, I am here.

Your home is usually your biggest asset and it’s most people’s biggest day to day financial commitment.

Over the past few years we have experienced a market like never before and house prices have risen to unprecedented levels. You have trusted the advice of real estate professionals and invested in new homes, increased your portfolios with the purchase of investment properties and new construction across the Island has boomed.

In turn, your support for our industry has helped our business here in PEI grow. We have the largest number of people now licensed ever, with more and more people wanting to enter this profession.

I’m positive that we have the best recipe for a continued strong market. Buyer interest exceeds inventory and borrowing has never been so affordable.

At this time, I’m reminded of a saying my father used to use, and I think it’s very apt for now…

“They’ll give you an umbrella when the sun shines and they take it away when it rains”

To put that saying into today’s context; none of us could have foreseen what we are dealing with, but It’s time for us to support each other, in bad times as well as good.

As professionals and members of our communities, we need to be doing our part to ease any mental or emotional burden our clients might be experiencing by providing support, and the most accurate and complete information available.

Our doors maybe closed, we can longer visit your homes but there are other ways we can connect safely and productively.

You are there for us when we need you and this is not the time for us as an industry to go silent.

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