Summer Favourites

The end of this summer marks 10 years since we became Canadian residents.  Much has happened during this time and there are days when we feel we have just arrived and others when we feel we have been here a lifetime.

I’m often told how very brave it was for us to move our family to a completely different country and start anew. Yes, I guess it’s scary starting over and leaving behind what is so familiar and comfortable. Nothing worthwhile comes without its hiccups and although the journey hasn’t always been easy, our life in Canada has afforded us many new opportunities, adventures and friends.

I have had the pleasure of working with many families, moving here from all over the world and I’m always asked, ‘What’s life on the island like?’  And I say now, what I said to them, ‘Explore it and embrace it’. The Island’s not for everyone, but for those who embark on that journey of change, understand it for exactly what it is – a change.

I love Prince Edward Island year round  but there’s nothing like spending summers on the Island.  Picnics on the beach, days soaking up the sun, my kids summer sports, festivals, evenings chatting around the fire-pit and enjoying the culinary delights of the season are just a few of my personal favourites.

Indulge in some of our fabulous food, including our seafood and famous spuds!  The great thing about PEI is that you can take a scenic drive to Canoe Cove to pick up a couple of jars of local honey, pop over to the wharf and buy lobster supper straight off the boat, and then drive a little further and pick-up locally grown veggies at the side of the road, were growers still have honesty boxes where you can leave remuneration for their goods.

U-Pick fields everywhere encourage you to gather in-season crops.  Strawberries, blueberries and, raspberries are my personal favourites. Pack up the kids and a picnic lunch and your day is set – they don’t even weigh you on the way out to see how many berries you have secretly consumed.

Inland, old farm houses are hugged by red soil fields and lush green grass and all roads lead to the sea… eventually.  Take a drive, you may find a secluded beach where you have total privacy for the whole day!

Crave culture? Both of our cities are bursting at the seams with things to see and do. Where history, museums, architecture and great restaurants are just streets apart! Our cities have to be the safest, most walkable places in the world!

Every sense is spoiled: The vibrant colours illuminate and makes the natural beauty even more stunning.  Fabulous salty sea air is there with every inhalation. The peacefulness of silence, where you can go sit and recharge without the intrusion of someone else’s noise. The taste of fabulous Island grown and raised food, cooked and served by some of the finest culinary talent in the world.  And, finally, touch, where everything the island can offer is within reach for us to enjoy.

People who love the island love the small town vibe and love the life it affords. Not the designer shopping malls, nightclubs, busy streets, overpopulated housing subdivisions, crowded beaches and attractions, queues and traffic jams and high crime rates.

People love that they can call on a neighbour without hesitation, love the freedom their children can enjoy and can be ‘just children’, love that their local shopkeeper is also the fire chief and soccer coach, love that they can be at the office in less time than it takes to get out of your street in the city, love that where ever you go there’s someone you know.

With Summer 2019 now in full swing I continue to look forward to meeting islanders, old and new, whether temporarily or permanently and welcome the addition of new friends.

There’s a lot to be said for small town living, both good and bad, but open your heart to the good and the bad pales in comparison.

If you have visited this small corner of Canada and left a little piece of your heart forever in the hope of returning for good, give me call on 902 394 7071 to chat about the possibility of making Prince Edward Island your forever home.

However our Island finds you…Enjoy!


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