Melanie Press

For starters, I have to declare that I am one of those ‘from away’ having moved to PEI from England. The decision to move to PEI was instantaneous from the moment we stepped foot on the famous red soil. The island is a wonderful place to raise children, to work and to live. I get asked all the time ‘why PEI?’ and my honest answer, try everywhere else and you’ll answer that question for yourself.

I have been selling real estate since 1996 and have sold everything from a parking lot to a pop star’s mansion. My career portfolio includes sales in London and the South East of England, Spain, Portugal, France and Canada. I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity of working with some of the most expensive and diverse real estate in the world, and indeed, some of the most volatile and demanding markets. This experience, in turn, enables me to appreciate more than most the importance of my clients individual wants and needs.

I am a volunteer for the Prince Edward Island Real Estate Association Professional Standards Committee and am passionate about the improvement of our professional services throughout the real estate industry, continued learning and development of the role of a Realtor.

If someone was to ask me what I love about my job it would have to be the diversity. No two days are ever the same. Its all about helping people make the right decisions. Trust me, I am certainly no ‘shrinking violet’ when it comes to tough negotiation, but anyone dedicated to this business has to agree, there simply is no greater privilege than someone allowing you to be part of one of the most exciting and emotional decisions they will ever make.

When You Continually Demonstrate Optimism, Drive And Passion For Life, You’ll Undoubtedly Make A Difference In The Lives Of Others And Your Own.