“Nothing is constant except change itself”

– Heraclitus

I have worked in the real estate industry here in PEI and overseas in a number of different capacities over the past 24 years.

From Sales Negotiator to Real Estate Trainer, and from Branch Manager to a Realtor® with the PEI Real Estate Association since moving from the UK to Canada.

I have been part of the team at Re/Max Charlottetown for 8 years and during that time I have worked for two different brokers, Don Martin and Mary Jane Webster, both who I consider friends and both who have brought their different styles of management to create the impressive real estate operation that is Re/Max Charlottetown Realty.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Re/Max but need a change. Actually, when it boiled down to it, I realized I have needed that change for a while, but just moving to another big box brokerage was, for me, like going from the proverbial ‘frying pan into the fire’.

For many years, like many salespeople, I have pondered starting my own real estate company, toying with the idea of either an established brand franchise or to start a company from scratch.

I have worked for independent real estate companies before and value the personalized, high level of service they offer, far removed from the ‘revolving door’ real estate practices of larger firms.

I was lucky enough to secure the promise of a franchise brokerage in the early part of 2019 with a projected start date of January 2020, but after some deep discussions with trusted friends, lawyers and fellow brokers as well as changes in my own business life, it became apparently clear that going out on my own, under my own brand would be the best move.

From that moment Impress Island Realty was born.

Working under my own brand means I can implement change and lead in the direction I feel the real estate industry should serve the public under my own banner.

Independent companies are not the under dogs. They have a different mindset than the big franchise companies.

The difference is the boutique firms can operate their business on a local level and can extend and, more importantly adapt their best services for their local area and local clientele.

It was the local community that have followed me, supported me, used my services and referred me to their friends. The local community was there for me when I started out, people like you who took a chance on the girl from away and I intend to build Impress Island Realty as an agency for our island communities, and one with less blinkered, “our way or the highway” practices.

With all new business ventures, you take a huge chance. I have spent the past few years helping others develop in this industry, I have realized some personal goals, ticked a huge item off my huge bucket list, got some monkeys off my back and spent the past 12 months developing my new brand.

I have a personal story about why I started in real estate, which I have shared with a few, but an experience in my early career set the tone for how I would practice my business, forever.

I am and have always been about looking after people. And the respect I have earned from valued clients confirms my commitment and motivation.

It’s never been a “job” from the moment I started and why helping people find home is still one of the best feelings, and why all these years on I would still do what I do if given my chance again. How many of us enjoy that privilege?

We are in the process of securing our new office (A.K.A The Client Hub) in Cornwall PEI ♥ – My home community of course!

I am thankful for the huge support from Peggy Marquis and her team at the PEI Real Estate Association and I am thankful to have worked under my Brokers, past and present, Don Martin and Mary Jane Webster from Re/Max Charlottetown.

I am thankful to my husband Paul and my children Emily and Ollie, who see nothing but greatness in me (how awesome is that!) and much thanks to my colleague and protege Leonard Gibbins for putting up with me for these past two years and helping me realize I was always capable of more.

Most importantly, I am thankful for the hundreds of clients I have had the pleasure to work with, both here in PEI and overseas. Every single one of them has taught me valuable lessons, but the most important being; whether you are rich or poor, have a large house or small, ultimately… there’s no place like home.

If you have any questions about the tailored services we provide or you are a licensed Realtor® looking for a new brokerage to hang your hat, you can reach out to me through the contact link below. Just click on the ‘Let’s Talk’ image.

I look forward to speaking to you all about my new brokerage and explaining the services and options we offer to home buyers and sellers and I look forward to helping develop other Realtors® grow their own businesses with service excellence.

Apart from my own personal, realtorinpei.com website, check out our new brokerage website at impresspei.com but remember it’s new, so please excuse any teething troubles 🙂

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