Thinking about starting real estate business, becoming a Realtor® or even trying to navigate the labyrinth that is real estate, takes courage and a specific mentality to be able to deal with the highs and lows of the business.  Where Every client and every property tells a unique story, being a Realtor® is a profession that demands resilience, adaptability, and a touch of magic to ensure a successful and seamless transaction for every client.


After a very varied 28-year career, I wanted to share some of my confessions about the industry. What kind of person makes it in this business and the attributes and skills you need to develop to help you on the way. Some, I do very well, some I really struggle with, even after all this time.


1. The Balancing Act:

Realtors® are the virtuosos of multitasking, juggling the needs of buyers, sellers, lenders, and inspectors. Each day is a tightrope walk, balancing the delicate art of negotiation with the demands of paperwork, ensuring every ‘i’ is dotted and every ‘t’ is crossed.

It’s all too easy to drop the ball, we are only human. Being stringent with paperwork, communication and the process of each transaction is key and managing how you effectively communicate is paramount to ensure the best interests of your client.

A golden rule which has served me well and I always stress this to new agents is, get everything in writing, from everyone. Have a paper-trail for everything – you never know when you’ll need to rely on that old text message.


2. Embracing the Rollercoaster:

Real estate is a rollercoaster ride, filled with highs of successful deals and lows of unpredictable market shifts. The job of a Realtor® often revolves around navigating these peaks and valleys, maintaining composure while riding the waves of uncertainty. I get as emotionally involved as the next person. I love my people and I’m a mama bear for the underdog and those who entrust me to look after them, but you have to keep the emotions in check, which can be really hard.

Another golden rule to remember during more charged times is, ‘cooler heads prevail’. Step away from the rollercoaster and view a situation from a different angle, it will always serve you, your sanity and your client better.


3. The Power of Networking:

I am actually quite a shy person, that will surprise many, but honestly, I find meeting new people or putting myself out there very hard indeed, and it can give people the completely wrong impression of me. Despite this, I understand the importance of networking. Building relationships with other professionals in the industry, from fellow real estate agents to mortgage brokers, is a secret sauce to success. Word-of-mouth referrals and a strong professional network can open doors that no amount of advertising can

If you struggle like I do, there’s lots of different ways to get yourself out there. Try volunteering your time in the community which is a great way to get out there and supporting and paying back your community with your time and resources.


4. Emotional Investment:

Beyond the paperwork and negotiations, realtors invest emotionally in their clients’ dreams the biggest feelings include the heartfelt joy of handing over keys to first-time homeowners and the disappointment of navigating through unsuccessful bids. Empathy becomes a powerful tool in understanding and fulfilling the emotional needs of clients.


5. The Dance of Market Trends:

Adapting to ever-evolving market trends is a constant in a Realtor’s life. From mastering the art of virtual tours to understanding the impact of economic shifts, we will confess that you have to commit to continuous learning and flexibility and that it’s required to stay ahead in the game.


6. Ties That Bind:

Realtors® are often the glue that holds transactions together navigating the intricate dance of negotiations, inspections, and appraisals, highlighting the pivotal role Realtors® play in ensuring a smooth process for both buyers and sellers. Done well, the relationship with your client should last way beyond the completion of the transaction.


7. Late Nights and Early Mornings:

Many Realtors® can share tales of burning the midnight oil, drafting contracts, and preparing for showings. The commitment to client success often means sacrificing personal time for the sake of the job.


In conclusion, these few little confessions of mine provide a tiny glimpse into a profession that extends beyond the glossy exterior of property listings. It’s a world where passion meets pragmatism, and every deal is a unique story waiting to be told.


The realtor’s journey is not just about buying and selling homes; it’s about turning dreams into reality and navigating the business of real estate with honesty, grace and resilience.


Melanie Press Realtor®, Broker and Owner of Impress Island Realty

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