There comes that time, around mid-August when you can almost taste Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte and the tones turn from lush green to an orange tinge.

The Island talk is that summer is over once Old Home Week is complete and Fall is on the horizon along with back-to-school chaos!

We still enjoy favorable weather during this time and with the dawning of a new season, also comes the perfect time for pre-winter home maintenance.

Wanting to hit the ground running with your seasonal chores, here are a few things to cross off your to-do list.

1. Clean out the gutters. Falling leaves in the fall can quickly clog up gutters and create problems. Get ready for the increased falling foliage by cleaning out any remnants from last year or the summer.

2. Clean air filters, air exchangers and bathroom vents. Dust, dirt, and allergens can impact your home’s air quality, especially in summer when these things are tracked inside more. Clean filters and vents will help keep your system in tip top shape.

3. Check all windows are working correctly. Seal windows and cracks. Keep your heating costs down by sealing any cracks or drafts with caulk, available at any hardware store.

4. Close the pool. If you’ve been enjoying an outdoor pool all summer, make sure that you take appropriate winterizing steps to get it ready for colder weather. If you’re not sure what to do, always ask a professional for help.

5. Prep your fireplace, clean your chimney, service stoves. Ready to snuggle up next to a roaring fire during the colder months? Make sure your fireplace is also ready by having a professional give it a thorough inspection and cleaning.

6. If you have a generator, get that serviced and do a test run.

7. Test and service your heat system. Don’t wait until cold weather hits to test out your home’s heat. You may end up paying for after-hours service or enduring some cold temperatures if it isn’t working properly. Just turn it on to test and get it professionally serviced, if needed.

8. Have snow blowers serviced and ready to roll! The closer to snowfall the busier these service providers will be.

9. Check and update your emergency kit, don’t forget those Storm Chips!

Here is a great link to read about planning for any power outage and emergency kit repair

10. Talk to your insurance provider and review your home insurance and contents. Just to make sure you are properly covered.

The changing seasons are Mother Natures way of telling us that change is good thing. Make the most of your Summer and get prepared with these useful tips!!

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