The days are definitely getting cooler, and for many homeowners that means it’s time to turn up the heat (most of you have probably already done this, but me…I’m a last minute, throw on an extra sweater kind of girl!).

While this can be costly, there are a few simple things that you can do to keep the heat in and save energy, thereby keeping costs down.

I’m going to hook you up with my list of some easy energy saving tips to keep you warm and your wallet happy all winter long!

Energy Saving Tips for the Winter

  • Natural heat is your best friend. Open the curtains when it is sunny, but be sure to close them once the sun sets. You may be surprised how much the natural light can heat up your home.
  • Avoid heating areas that are not insulated, such as the garage or storage sheds. Turn down thermostats in rooms that don’t get a lot of use.
  • Use your ceiling fan. Yep, it’s good in the winter too. Just be sure to change the direction of the airflow so that the fan pushes the warm air towards the floor.
  • Check your furnace filter. As your furnace does its job, it inevitably gets dirty. As this happens, it takes more energy (and therefore costs more) to keep it running at its peak. Replace it if it’s dirty to reduce energy consumption.
  • Hardwood floors are cooler than carpet, so throw down a rug to keep your feet warm.
  • Invest in a smart home thermostat so that you can set the temp from anywhere, at any time. This way you’re not spending money to heat the house when no one is there.
  • Avoid placing furniture on top of air vents or in front of baseboard heaters so your furnace can work more efficiently.
  • If you have a fireplace, make sure the damper is closed when it isn’t in use. If it isn’t, all that warm air will just escape through the chimney!
  • Clean your chimney! Burning fires in a chimney leads to the accumulation of soot and creosote, a flammable, sticky substance that can cause chimney fires if it’s not removed. Having a clean chimney will make your fire more effective.
  • Buy some cozy slippers and a warm sweater – My kind of ‘lets wrap up and snuggle’ kind of energy saving.
  • Consider upgrading that old furnace to a new energy efficient unit. Doing so can save you a ton on your heating costs. Or maybe think about changing from oil to propane – Propane is more energy efficient.
  • Contact Efficiency PEI and get an Energy Audit on your home. There are rebates available on lots of energy saving items!

Click on the blue link below for more information on Efficiency PEI and some of the rebate programs they offer.

Efficiency PEI

Stay warm and safe this coming winter…early predictions indicate a snowy one!

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