You’re The Boss

When I am in people’s homes and we are discussing how the whole selling process works, I very often remind them that although they are selling and their property turns from ‘home’ to a ‘product’ to be sold, they still have the right to their time, privacy and to ask certain questions regarding who is walking through their home.


Selling your home is not a free for all! When you hire the services of a realtor it doesn’t give us free will to bully our way into your home at any given time to show that property to a prospective buyer and not do our due diligence and pre-qualify said buyer.


That’s the whole point of having a Realtor!

We do need you to work with us to ensure the best result possible, but that shouldn’t come at any cost. You have the right to make those rules for yourself – it doesn’t mean you’re a difficult vendor or you’re not motivated to sell but if you open up your home to complete strangers, you have the absolute right to know who’s coming through your door and the status of that buyer.



Think of it like this – When you test drive a car, the dealership will first take a copy of your driving licence, correct?. Well that dealership is qualifying you. Taking basic information, your name, address and that you are licensed and fit to drive a vehicle – Are your ‘buyers’ FIT TO BUY?


I am reminded at this time, while selling my own home, how it feels to be one of my clients. I recently received a request from a colleague to make an appointment for them to show my house to their client. We were delighted for the showing but prior to the showing requested confirmation on financing pre-approval and whether they had a house to sell.


Our requests for clarification were taken as an insult. We were informed the client was visiting the island and simply wanted to view our home. Bottom line, our home is not a showroom, museum or place of interest!  It’s very simple, if those buyers like the look of our home enough, and are serious in their search, they will do the ground work necessary and not ‘window shop’ – the same applies to your home.


That’s what Open Houses are for!

What some people fail to realize, unconsciously or otherwise, is it’s a huge upheaval to sell your home, especially when there may be children or pets to deal with, and be under no illusion, as a recent experience with my 11 year can prove, children feel as much pressure as the adult selling the house.


Taking on that upheaval is to be expected for sure and something none of us can do anything about, but as a profession we need to maintain a business etiquette and consider the time and space of those people selling their home. We need to do the job we promote and the benefits associated when you recruit an organized real estate professional. Realtors who are not doing their due diligence and not qualifying their buyers are risking their own well-being, the security of people’s homes and, at the very least, completely wasting the homeowners time.


Now, on the other hand, if you’re happy for a free-for-all, letting anyone in your home, regardless of status or motivation, all power to you.  Just don’t expect the same from others selling their home and don’t presume they are not serious about selling because, the fact is, by demanding that all prospective buyers are qualified by their real estate representative means they are very serious about selling!


If you have any questions about buying and selling, the changing market and how to get pre-qualified and ready to give you an edge over your competition, contact me for more information.


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