13 Reasons Why Your Home Isn’t Selling and How to Fix It


Unfortunately, you’ve put your beloved house on the market, hoping to sell it quickly, however, weeks have gone by, and there’s not a single offer in sight. Even showing requests are running dry, and you’re left wondering what went wrong.


Why isn’t your house selling? Don’t worry; it’s not too late to turn things around. The longer a house sits on the market, the more concerned buyers become about what’s wrong with it.


Here are the top 13 reasons why your house might not be selling and some actionable steps you can take to get your sale back on track:


1. The price is too high

This is a common reason why homes struggle to sell, and the same holds true for most other items. Every item holds value, and the worth of your home is based on what a buyer is willing to pay and what the bank will lend against it. While we appreciate your attachment to your home and your belief in its high value, setting an inflated price can deter potential buyers. To attract buyers, adjust your asking price by comparing it to similar homes in your area. Avoid the pitfall of overpricing as it can be detrimental.

ALWAYS get at least 3 valuations on your home and ask for evidence of value. Don’t fall into the old trap of ego boost pricing and agents buying your listing with the promise of achieving a higher price UNLESS they have an offer in hand.


2. You missed the market’s peak

Real estate differs from the stock market as it can undergo subtle changes when least expected. Keep yourself informed about the market and assess buyers’ choices promptly. Properties that used to sell quickly in 2021 might now stay on the market for months. Additionally, remember that real estate is influenced by local factors. Comparing our market to Calgary or Toronto is not valid as each market has its distinct characteristics.


3. You have a specific problem to address

Receiving feedback from showings is crucial for resolving any issues that require attention. After pinpointing a problem, take steps to alleviate it by adjusting lighting, decluttering, or revamping the staging. Keep in mind that while lowering the price may sometimes be the most effective solution to sell your house, it’s also important to listen to potential buyers or ensure you’re receiving accurate feedback – this is where your Realtor® plays a key role!


4. Your home is unconventional

If your home is distinctive or unconventional, it might require more time to sell. However, fret not! By implementing an effective marketing strategy, you can connect with the ideal buyer who will value the unique qualities of your home.


5. Your listing photos are not on point

In the current digital era, the significance of your online listing photos cannot be overstated. Low-quality images or a shortage of photos may deter potential buyers. Capture high-quality photos showcasing your property’s standout features, and think about engaging a professional photographer if photography is not your strong suit.


6. You’re not marketing your home effectively

Your home might be fantastic, but without proper marketing, it may not attract buyers. Enhance your home’s visibility by listing it on prominent real estate platforms, leveraging social media, and displaying “For Sale” signs and flyers in your local area.


7. You’re working with the wrong buyers

Indeed, such an option exists! If traditional buyers are not showing interest, you might want to explore selling to a real estate investor. They tend to be more open to properties that require some tender loving care.


8. Your curb appeal is no good

Drive-by viewings are still a common practice among home buyers. The initial impression is crucial, and if the exterior of your home is unimpressive, potential buyers may not even step inside. Enhance your yard, plant some flowers, and ensure that the exterior of your home looks its best.


9. Your staging is non-existent

Home Staging Can Accelerate Sales and Increase Value: Enhance the selling speed of your home with staging. A properly staged home can even fetch up tp 18% more than one that is not. Simplify by decluttering, storing personal items, and enlisting a professional stager to add the desired wow factor to your home.


10. Your marketing needs a makeover

In today’s digital realm, buyers are scouring the online marketplace to discover their dream homes. Get yourself a top-notch sales agent who knows the ins and outs of your area. They’ll help you identify your home’s selling points and craft an irresistible marketing strategy.


11. Your listing description is too blaaaaaa

An uninteresting listing description can make buyers lose interest and look elsewhere. Instead of just stating facts about the house and its location, aim to captivate buyers with the enchantment of living there! Showcase the unique features that turned it into your sanctuary and craft an enticing vision of the potential that awaits buyers in their new residence.


12. You’re getting bad advice

Collaborate with a knowledgeable local agent who can assist you with pricing, staging, and spearheading marketing strategies to ensure a quick sale of your house.


13. You’re a helicopter seller

We all have a deep attachment to our homes, making it tough to part ways – it’s understandable! However, micromanaging the selling process can sometimes cause issues. Trust a real estate professional to take the lead and navigate you through the selling journey smoothly.

It is always possible to sell your home. If your current approach is not yielding results, consider revising your strategy. Take your home off the market, make necessary adjustments, and then relist it – perhaps with a new agent.


Keep in mind, there is a buyer out there for every home! Let me help you find them.


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